Hello my dear friend!

I’m Dora.

Random facts about me:

Mothering a toddler, loving a good man, gardening for reconnecting with nature, making art for a living, design lover and social media coach for artists, music brings me joy, I’m a stubborn Aries.

I used work as a senior architect and a building contractor. Life happens and suddenly you have to figure out how to reset. I felt lost but I found myself through art.

Somebody gave me a little piece of advice that transformed my life.

Why don’t you paint?

I have been drawing and sketching all my life, but I’ve never thought about doing Art for a living.

The journey started one year ago and now I’m sharing my experience with other creatives by offering support and coaching for those who want to transform a hobby into a business.

Caffeine keeps me working so if you like my Instagram content, please consider to buy my a coffee from time to time.

Favourite quotes:

“Action is the foundational key to all success.”

Pablo Picasso

 “Every problem is a gift—without problems we would not grow.”

Anthony Robbins

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