My story – one year after…

Hi! My name is Dora and I’m an artist that helps other artists to live their dream: make a living by doing what they love.

This is the story about how I started painting: one year ago after losing my job as a high end office designer  I felt under pressure and didn’t know what to do. Lockdown and school closure here in Italy forced me to stay at home. I met someone who had seen  my previous work (architectural sketching) and ask me: why don’t you paint?
Well is not that easy, I told him.

I was wrong!

I started painting and had my first gallery ever in June and that changed my life in every single way. For so many years I didn’t have the courage to express myself through art.
Now I finally got the bigger picture of what my projects should look like in the next years.

Every fish it’s an idea, a dream, maybe even a secret wish- I had to put them in a natural stream of order. The movement becomes obvious as fishes align themselves into a pattern, following a precise direction…

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